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YFER in Africa! Part Two..

Following our familiarization adventure it was off to the conference in Durban. A long day of travel was in store, with breakfast in Tanzania, morning tea in Kenya, lunch in Johanessberg and dinner in Durban. The conference was held at the Durban International Convention Centre and it rapidly became obvious this was a huge contingent with over 3500 delegates having registered. The opening ceremony was a blaze of color with midwives from many countries doning their traditional costumes. We learnt our midwives international anthem (yes for those of you who are saying huh???

Arms wide open at Darwin’s World Women’s Health & Well being conference

It was an awe inspiring sight to see the entire room standing holding hands and swaying in time with Geoffrey Yunipingu's moving music at a recent conference in Darwin. The conference – World Indigenous Women's Health and Wellbeing was held in Darwin last year inviting guests from across the globe to share their stories, challenges and future hopes to an audience of like minded practitioners and community members.

YFER is off to Africa!

Deb and Tracy are currently preparing for an upcoming launch of Core of Life into Africa. YFER's Core of life and cross-cultural programs are being showcased at the Triennial International Congress of Midwives conference in Durban South Africa in June ( Deb and Tracy will be presenting a paper and a workshop as well as running an exhibit booth during the conference.

YFER launches first Australian all male training

November saw a new beginning for YFER with COL training being held for the first time for men only. This request came from Yirrkala community in East Arnhem NT, where COL have been operating for over 4 years. The 2 day training attracted an energised group of staff from a cross section of services including Yirrkala Health centre, Miwatj Aboriginal Health Corps and East Arnhem Shire Council.


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