2020 Infant Massage Central Coast, NSW

By Sophie Hadlow, Certified Infant Massage Instructor

Facilitating the first 2 baby massage groups for the year has been fun, relaxing and good for the soul! Meeting and getting to know these women and their babies has been a privilege and a joy! We have shared the many ups and downs of parenting, relationships and infant feeding! We have shared stories and connected over birth experiences, baby milestones, weather events & baby outputs!!! Every week the circle of women arrive including myself and learn more than just strokes for massage, we unpack and often solve problems, make recommendations for each other and create a safe place to just be with your baby and each other! The women have noticed improvements in sleep for their babies as well as bowel motions and wind pain resolving quicker! They comment that they enjoy the special time together with their babies and often take home the new skills and teach their partners or family! Singing the Barramundi nursery rhyme is also an instant winner from the first week!

Personally and professionally it has been such an asset to have an insight into the extended postnatal period! It really empowers me to ensure women are truly advocated for during their pregnancy, birth and feeding experiences! Additionally, to encourage my colleagues to understand the impact as it transcends into the women’s wellbeing and their relationships!