Another 3 Years For Core of Life in East Armhem

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YFER has been visiting the East Arnhem region of Australia since 2006. The first Coreof life training was delivered in 2007 and it was from this time that Deb and Tracy along with several members of the YFER team have supported local Indigenous and non Indigenous staff and community to run COL for local young women.

YFER has made many strong connections with Individuals and organisations in the region over the years and is 100% committed to supporting a robust, culturally strong level of reproductive health knowledge and parenting information throughout the community.

This year saw COL delivered to young men. This was made possible through the support of NT Dept. Health Men's health promotion worker who facilitated COL at both Nhulunbuy HS and Numbulwar School. This is a major step forward in trying to address the need for both sexes to understand the implications and responsibilities of being pregnant and becoming parents and to finding a culturally respectful and accepted way to include Indigenous young men in a COL audience.

Recently, YFER was informed that Commonwealth funding under the Indigenous Advancement Strategy for YFER's work in this region is to be continued for a further 3 years.

Deb and Tracy are relieved by this news as it means YFER can continue to build relationships and work between agencies to continue bringing COL education to 8 remote communities of East Arnhem. This funding as well, enables YFER to continue the cross cultural program which has been running now for several years in Nhulunbuy, bringing together Balanda (non Indigenous) and Yolgnu (Indigenous), creating an opportunity for supporting and reinforcing understanding, respect and appreciation of each others belief systems to promote reconciliatory behaviours. (See the article on this website titled- YFER Cross cultural connections thrive in EAST Arnhem for more information about this activity)

YFER looks forward to another exciting year ahead looking at further training and new pathways to sustain the program throughout the region. Please contact [email protected] for further information about this part of YFER's work.