Dynamic Duo Presents at FPWA Sexual Health Conference

Dynamic Duo Presents at FPWA Sexual Health Conference

REPORT BY: Terry Doolan
Camp Fire Blackfella Wilcannia

I attended and co presented with Peter Gazey at this 2 day forum.

Our presentation was delivered with Peter giving the COL overview, myself giving the Wilcannia Community relationship with COL and the Darwin Men's Forum information and the future plans pending successful funding to deliver education programs, then Sally Hutchinson joining us to do 2 role plays to show how COL gets the message to community participants.

Through attending the 2 days a lot of information was shared by similar stakeholders in sexual health education to youth, families and communities
in regional, remote and urban locations in WA.

It was useful to have this cross fertilisation of ideas and service delivery with many challenges mostly the lack of resources and funding. I believe that COL presented as an agency that can be supportive of existing programs and through the training of local people, leave sustainable resources in communities that are owned by those communities. Peter highlighted the refresher courses that can be done with trainers and midwives along with local people to deliver at appropriate times.

COL was well received and will have a lot of work to do in WA due to the networks and relationships that are being developed with the stakeholders with the aim of improving low birth weights and reducing high rates of teenage pregnancies through delivering informative and preventative education to the youth and families.

People at the forum signed up for the 2 day workshop that Deb and Sally are presenting and I believe this will be the start of these relationships being strengthened.

As always thank you for the opportunity to be involved in this stage of COL and I know that our vision of empowering youth and families is working with COL being involved in the process as relevant education providers.