YFER in Africa! Part One..

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An amazing time was had by some members of the YFER team in July when they trecked over to the Triennial International Congress of Midwives conference in held in Durban in June.
Deb, Tracy and Annette (Cairns COL coordinator) after months of planning headed firstly to Tanzania for a little warm up exercise and climate/wildlife familiarization.

They spent 8 days visiting Serengetti national park, & Ngorogoro crater. The highlights were, as you can imagine plentiful, but to narrow it to a few; – the outing to a local village Ngresi in Arusha and visiting the local school with 1000 students all with huge smiles singing to us and chasing us down the path, of course the beautiful sunsets and close private encounters with intelligent, nurturing incredible wild animals and in particular for the three of us, our spontaneous meet, greet and sharing experience with a group women in a remote traditional Massai village.

Hmm yes Tracy was clothed in the traditional Massai outfit whilst Deb and Annette chatted fervently with the ladies in between laughing at Tracy. We were lucky enough to have a couple of traditional midwives in the group who allowed a rare insight for us into stories of birth and parenting in their village. The finale being a sharing of lullabies, first the beautiful Massai voices singing their traditional baby song then Tracy, Deb and Annette with a very poor rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" complete with hand actions. What a sight it must have been but a moment we'll treasure.