YFER in Africa! Part Three..

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Fully inspired and the conference behind us we headed off for our road trip down the famous Garden Route to Capetown.

For those who have not been there before, we found the best way to describe this gorgeous region is that this part of the South African landscape seems to have smaller pieces of Australia all joined together!!?? Yes may sound weird but at times it looks just like rural NSW, then the west coast of Tasmania then we have southern ocean beaches. Stunning drive on perfect roads. Storms River mouth was rugged, stormy and energizing with its rainforest by the wild ocean and absolutely freezing. The phenomenal real estate and views at Plettenberg Bay were a direct contrast to many of the shanty towns that house huge numbers of population in appalling conditions along this route. Stories of fires burning through hundreds of shacks, no electricity, minimal water and poor health are unfortunately commonplace in this region too.

For anyone who knows Deb Tracy and Annette well, naturally the arrival to the stunning Capetown was via Stellenbosch a wine haven of this area. A mandatory stop at Spier winery saw Tracy (the designated driver) dragging Deb and Annette away kicking and screaming and Dot (Tracy's mum) giggly in the back seat....Hiccup!!

Capetown's location and surroundings are like joining the most stunning postcards together. Table mountain majestically towering on one side, the rugged Cape of Good Hope with its open raw ocean breaks, Hout bay with its cliffs / beaches and optimal whale watching and the cute cheeky penguins at Simonstown. Capetown is a must for a playful return.

From here Deb and Annette furthered their adventures in travelling to Vic Falls then home, whilst Tracy, Ruby and Dot travelled on to Namibia and Botswana for a self drive safari which would see them meet more beautiful people, have further up close animal adventures, and then sadly having to leave finishing in Vic Falls Zimbabwe.