A way of bringing pregnancy to an end, either by an operation or by medically prescribed pills.

Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome. A condition whereby the body's immune system (the part of your body which fights off illness) stops functioning properly.

Amniotic Fluid
The fluid or water that surrounds the baby (fetus) in the womb.

Amniotic Sac
The membranes or bag holding the amniotic fluid and baby in the womb.

The end of the digestive tract, where the solid waste (or poo!) leaves the bowel.

Binge Drinking
Drinking alcohol quickly over a few days.

This organ stores urine, which is the liquid waste product of the body.

Braxton Hicks
Spontaneous, painless, irregular tightening of the uterus muscles contractions.

Fetal position bottom down head up.

Surgical procedure performed to birth the baby abdominally rather than through the vagina.

Cervical smear
A routine test to detect any abnormal cells in the cervix.

The neck of the uterus (womb).

Small pea-shaped bit, situated above where a girl urinates – very sensitive during sex.

A condom is made of thin latex rubber and goes over an erect penis. Condoms protect against STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

Birth control – ways to stop pregnancy.

The release of semen through the penis. Also known as 'cum'.

Conception to 10 weeks.

An aroused penis i.e. a stiff/hard penis. Also known as 'having a hard on' or 'stiffy'.

Fallopian Tubes
Two tubes that connect the ovaries to the womb. It is through these tubes that an egg travels on its way to the womb.

When sperm enters an egg during sex and forms a new cell which eventually becomes a fetus.

The name given to the baby growing in the womb after 12 weeks.

Sexual activity that arouses partners in preparation for penetration. Foreplay can and does take place without penetration.

The skin that covers the penis (and folded over the glans) is known as the foreskin. Some boys have this skin removed for religious or health reasons during childhood.

French kissing
Kissing with open mouths using tongues. Also known as 'tonguing', 'pashing' or 'making out'.

The body's sexual organs, i.e. testicles, penis etc.

Heterosexual (or straight)
A person who is sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex.

Homosexual (or gay)
A person who is sexually attracted to members of the same sex.

Chemicals from the brain.

Thin membrane of skin covering the opening of the vagina.

Someone who is unable to conceive (get pregnant) or get someone pregnant.

Sexual penetration – the technical name for having sex.

The folds of the external part of the female genitals. Labia minorum are the two lips of skin on either side of the entrance to the vagina. Labia majorum are the two outer folds of skin.

A woman/girl who is sexually attracted to other women/girl.

Rubbing, stroking and touching your own sexual organs for sexual pleasure. Also known as 'wanking'.

Menstrual cycle i.e. the process of ovulating and having periods. Also known as 'time of the month' or 'rags'.

The female sex hormone.

Oral sex
Using your mouth and tongue to stimulate your partner's genitals. Also known as cunnilingus (boy to girl, girl to girl), and fellatio (girl to boy, boy to boy), 'blow job', (girl to boy, boy to boy), 'going down' (boy to girl or vice versa, girl to girl, boy to boy).

The peak of sexual pleasure. Also known as 'cuming', 'climax' and 'blowing'.

Two tiny organs (about the size of a baked bean) that lie on either end of the fallopian tubes. Their job is to hold the thousands of unripe eggs every girl is born with. The ovaries release one egg a month.

When the penis enters the vagina.

The shaft shaped organ that hangs outside the male body. Also known as 'cock' or 'dick'.

The region of skin between the anus and the genitals.

Organ that provides oxygen and food to the fetus during pregnancy and is dispelled from the body soon after birth.

Physical bodily changes which make your body sexually mature.

Pubic hair
Hair around the male and female genitals.

Safer sex
Sex that lessens the risk of contracting a sexual infection i.e. using a condom.

Pouch of skin that contains the testicles.

Fluid which is ejaculated from the penis. Also known as 'cum'.

Seminiferous Gland
This gland produces the bulk of the fluid that carries the sperm along.

Sexual Health Clinic
A clinic that deals with all things related to sex. There are some health clinics especially for young people under 25.

Also known as balls. These are two small glands found below the penis, which produce millions of sperm every day.

The male hormone.

The tube that urine passes through out of the body.

Also known as the womb. This is an upside down pear shaped organ, where a fetus grows during pregnancy. If conception does not occur, the uterus sheds its lining during menstruation (a period).

The passage from the neck of the womb to the external opening in the vulva. Also known as 'pussy' or 'fanny'.

Vas Deferens
The job of these tubes is to carry sperm to the urethra prior to ejaculation.

Person who has not yet had sex.

The external genitals of girls/women.

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