Research shows that involved fathers have a positive impact on child and family well being.

Men's needs are to be truly acknowledged and supported to enable them to take on an adequate supportive and nurturing role.

Youth and Family Education Resources (YFER) and its Core of Life (COL) program acknowledge and support the role of the male during pregnancy, birth and the early parenting period.

Consultation with men nationally has indicated:

  • There is room for males to be even better represented in the provision of reproductive health education.
  • YFER has the support and capacity to maintain best practice in expanding its programming to be more inclusive of male targeted education programming and resources
  • The Menzbiz program will need to continue to evolve by listening and responding to the needs young men and/or fathers related to:

- culture
- language
- literacy
- social / family background

The number of males attending COL facilitator programs are increasing, and we currently have several active male COL facilitators around Australia, we need more!

Interactive forums (led by male facilitators where possible) allow young men/expectant/fathers to discuss issues openly and honestly about pregnancy, birth, parenting, fatherhood and relationships.

Participant feedback from these forums indicate that they are encouraged to be responsible for their families, to discuss issues openly with their partners and to recognise their role as fathers.

" By highlighting the ease with which pregnancy can occur (especially in this age group), and the magnitude of the changes to lifestyle and responsibility that becoming a parent entails, we are effectively delivering the educational aims that COL is committed to providing." Peter – Family Planning NT

YFER's team can work with communities and support them to develop and produce relevant appropriate teaching programs and resources for them to use in educating young/men in their community. This will contribute to building stronger healthier families & communities in the future

"YFER MenzBiz will assist our men to feel empowered in providing support for their partners, children and their community. It will promote sound health and well being messages to combat the high levels of chronic disease experienced by our people." Peter – Health Center Manager Binjari community NT

Be Strong Dad........... Be proud Dad.................Make a difference

If you would like to become involved with MenzBiz or want to know more please contact [email protected] or phone: 0400 026 056